Atenga Insights partners with Nordic growth accelerator Prosper Ventures.

Bringing state-of-the-art pricing expertise to companies aiming for global expansion


Stockholm, Sweden – Atenga Insights, a leading provider of pricing and willingness-to-pay strategies, is proud to announce a new partnership with Prosper Ventures, a Nordic growth accelerator that focuses on helping companies bring innovative solutions to global markets. This partnership will bring together the expertise of both companies to provide a higher demand and willingness to pay to their clients, leading to sustainable growth.

Atenga Insights is known for its specialized expertise in pricing strategies and willingness-to-pay, delivering insights that will now be incorporated into Prosper Ventures’ revenue growth formula. The two companies can offer their clients actionable market insights and data that will ensure growth and pricing power.

“We are excited to partner with Prosper Ventures and bring our pricing strategy expertise to their clients,” said Robert Tinterov, CEO of Atenga Insights. “We believe that our insights will be an essential component of Prosper Ventures’ revenue growth formula, and we are excited to work together to help companies optimize their pricing and maximize revenue.”

Peter Olofsson, CEO of Prosper Ventures, echoed this sentiment: “Atenga Insights’ will be a valuable addition to our growth accelerator program. We are confident that our clients will benefit greatly from the market insights and recommendations provided by Atenga Insights.”

About Atenga Insights:

Atenga Insights is a pricing strategy firm that helps companies optimize their pricing and maximize revenue. Their specialized expertise in willingness-to-pay insights has helped clients across a wide range of industries improve their pricing strategies and achieve significant revenue growth.


About Prosper Ventures:

Prosper Ventures is a Nordic growth accelerator that helps companies bring innovative solutions to global markets. They focus on companies that contribute to a smarter, more sustainable society and provide a proven revenue growth formula to help these companies achieve their goals.


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