Anne Benjert

Senior Financial Advisor, Partner


Anne Benjert has a background in the banking industry at ABN Bank in Rotterdam, besides account manager finance/project finance real estate and investment advisor and special accounts, 1976/ 1987 and at Lanschot Bank in Rotterdam 1988/ 1989. He founded his company Gregory International Consultants B.V. in 1990 with operations other than financial management / CEO of several Dutch, German and English companies. Anne speaks Swedish, German and English.

As a Senior Consultant, he has good insight into accounting and extensive experience in system-related issues. His company has been licensed by the Dutch Central bank since 2004, operations are in compliance with Dutch/European regulations for financial management activities that include compliance including financial risk management, integrity, corporate governance and reporting to the Dutch Central bank. In 2014 this company merged with his other company Ducatus Management B.V. with operations as financial management / CEO of several Dutch, German and English companies and investments. He and his company Ducatus Management B.V. works for more than 30 years together will several Swedish families/ family offices in real estate and investments in several areas.

Anne is a member of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Within Prosper Ventures Anne is working with our service areas Capital & Legal, Management & Strategy.