Björn Arvidsson

Senior Business Advisor, Partner


Björn has a long and solid experience as an entrepreneur, director, and business leader, both in publicly listed companies as well as a founder of a number of businesses. He is also a senior consultant, executive analyst and travel & tourism expert.

Björn has solid experience in building, training and developing professional commercial organizations. Among other organizations he has held senior positions within Linjeflyg, SAS, Nocom Travelutions, Swedish Travel Industry Federation, Razormind Consulting and Svanstein Resort.

Björn has extensive experience in analysis based on megatrends and micro trends for business development, short/long term prognosis within the field of Airlines, Airports, infrastructure holders and tourism. Experienced keynote speaker with a large International network within travel and tourism as president of Skål International Stockholm.

He has a background in the airline and transport industry, including among other areas, Revenue Management, Route Management and distribution.

Within Prosper Ventures, Björn is working with analysis, business development and strategy.

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