In order to grow, most companies need access to funds of various kinds. It can be in the form of plain capital injections but also, in many situations, a combination of trade finance, soft loans, export guarantees, and other transaction-related sources of funds.

Prosper Ventures is not itself a registered corporate finance boutique or financial institution, but we provide exceptional channels to a wide international range of such, and other, sources of finance in all forms and levels.

We are internationally networked with major banks and institutions, family offices, foundations, business angels, and venture capital firms. Our advisors on financing and capital are experienced in all forms of fundraising, from pre-seed to IPOs. Some of us hold the Nasdaq main market certificate. A key offering in this field is, of course, to support our clients in the design and development of pitch decks and information memorandums.

From the investor perspective, we can offer experienced due diligence services. This, in turn, also means that we are highly capable of preparing fund-seeking clients for their upcoming due diligence process.