Enterprise Intelligence

The corporate capability of understanding, and acting upon, the ever-changing business environment is associated with a long rage of labels such as Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Technology Intelligence and so forth. Prosper Ventures has opted for the more generic label Enterprise Intelligence as it captures all of the above, and more, without excluding any sub-disciplines of the profession.

Enterprise Intelligence is a critical capability of any company operating in today’s fast-moving and volatile markets and, in particular, for companies embarking on a track of growth. Each investment in market growth must be surgically evaluated in order to bring optimal value to the business. Furthermore, Intelligence Operations is not one of those tasks that can be delegated down in an organization, it must be a key focus area for executive management.

Hence, Enterprise Intelligence is not a “nice to have”, it is a “must-have”, but the challenges for management teams seeking to deploy such capabilities can be significant if they have not before addressed similar tasks. The two main reasons for those challenges are:

  • Intelligence Operations is a huge concept, and it is imperative to start with the activities that can bring the most immediate returns to the company’s ongoing business.
  • Although it is fair to say that there is an entire catalog of common factors for Intelligence Operations, each company has its own needs and to find the match between such needs and the practicalities of Enterprise Intelligence can be very cumbersome.

Given the immense importance of this topic among our customers, Prosper Venture has as one of its three key offerings a fully customizable Intelligence capabilities development program.

Each program is adapted to each customer’s needs and available resources to undertake such a program. It contains a mix of advisory sessions, seminars and workshops with the management team and may subsequently also include training programs for staff that will begin to implement the operations based on management decisions. The advisory services can be agreed to be a long-term engagement for management team support.

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