Eva-Lotta Sigurdh Olofsson

Senior Communications Advisor, Partner


Eva-Lotta Sigurdh Olofsson has many years of experience as a journalist and writer for newspapers and magazines, as well as editorial for customer newsletters, and a variety of other channels of content marketing.

She looks quickly at the core of the complex context and converts it into recipient customized narrative texts in everything from annual reports and other report texts to news flashes, case leaflets and workplace stories.

Eva-Lotta makes regular personal interviews on everything from famous business leaders to performers, sports stars and politicians for clients in the real estate industry, schools, health care, logistics and transport.

In addition to writing features Eva-Lotta also several years of experience in television and radio journalism and to lecture and teach in areas such as media and entrepreneurship.

Within Prosper Ventures Eva-Lotta is working with our service area market communication.

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