Janne Karppinen

Senior Advisor – Risk Management, Partner


Janne is an experienced risk- and security advisor with a strong business background.

The vast experiences Janne brings to any client come from his long-term global experience from a broad range of risk and security areas in cross-cultural environments.

His many years within the risk and security field have resulted in a wealth of experience within modern and digital risk and security management and operations. With a good portion of humor, competence, and perfect timing Janne has the valued ability to find a way through the most complex matters.

The many years of experience he brings from having worked with national and global risk- and security management in an industry-leading multinational company operating in a highly competitive market is truly a source of inspiration for clients and colleagues.

Janne is well known for his engineer-oriented and laser-focused ability to stick to the important and critical aspects of a project or task. He has a very broad and deep background within modern and digital risk management and can assist, advise and educate clients from a broad variety of business settings.

During his career, he has been recognized for his work in information- and cyber security but also in several other areas such as travel security, product security and auditing to name just a few. In addition, Janne carries extensive experience in incident management, handling and response of information leaks, lost equipment, social engineering/phishing attacks, fraud, theft, and embezzlement.

At all times, Janne is demonstrating strong and people-oriented leadership. With a comfortable background in leadership within technology, Janne has an impeccable record of implementing security controls, detecting, and mitigating risk and vulnerabilities.

He has field-proven and excellent skills as a team-builder and motivator always willing to listen and learn, share knowledge, and see others grow. Janne has actively recruited, built, and technically managed a large security development team in a global company. He is recognized as a good communicator and his presentation skills are high regardless of the audience be its technical staff, senior management, sales, or external stakeholders.

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