Mia Ulin

Senior Marketing Advisor, Partner

Stockholm – Uppsala

Mia Ulin has a long experience in marketing and communication, both as an entrepreneur and working in private and public organizations. Mia has also experience in editorial management, digital marketing platform development as well as tourism development.

For two years, Mia worked with SME development within an EU project as a lecturer, business developer and communications manager.

In the ’90s Mia worked with web development for many established brands such as ArlaFoods, Telia, Semper, Comviqand Tele2. Mia is also an experienced Board Member, specialized in cultural heritage and entrepreneurship from organizations such as Företagarna Mälardalen.

Mia has a background from The University of Stockholm/Graphic Institute and Bergh’s School of Communications. She has also been studying drama, film, and dramaturgy.

Within Prosper Ventures Mia is working with our service areas Management & Strategy and Market Communication.