Petter Larsson

Senior Advisor – Risk Management, Partner


Petter is an experienced risk- and security advisor with a strong governmental background.

He has a practical, business-oriented way of integrating human, organizational, cyber-technological, informational and leadership perspectives to advise and enhance risk and security management. His holistic and pragmatic approach adds real business value and is very appreciated by our clients.

Within modern and digital risk- and security management Petter specializes in information- and cyber security, crisis and incident management, intelligence/counterintelligence including insider risks, investigation, threat perspectives, influence/counter influence to name some of Petter’s areas of expertise – all wrapped in leadership, communication, and psychology.

During his career, he has been active in agencies related to national security, such as the Swedish Security Service, the Swedish Armed forces, and the National Defense University. Petter has extensive experience from national as well as international contexts such as numerous western countries but also places like Somalia, Mali, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

He is used to working with and for politicians, ambassadors as well as strategic leadership but also technicians, soldiers, and specialists. With motivational coaching and sound leadership, he really enjoys building, leading, or coordinating sustainable teams.

For him, risk and security are strategic and tailor-made services. As a senior advisor, he pushes himself to understand the unique context of every client.

With his governmental background, Petter is well oriented and knowledgeable when it comes to threats be it in the cyber, human, perceptional, state/geopolitical, organizational, or physical domain.

In addition to the above, he is a well-received, well-educated, internationally selected and trained strategic coach within leadership, organization, and personal development.