Seminar, 09:00 – 10:00, Friday the 24th of August 2018

In Stockholm, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, 5th floor. Free of charge.


HR and staffing

 Management and the board

Business Development



How to secure right staff and keeping the right staff?

How do we secure right management and keeping them?

How to develop your organisation and keep on working for the company goal?

How do I secure a good execution.  Focus on the goal and where are the problems to avoid?

The seminar

Coffe and a cake.

Patrik Sandberg speaking about how to develop and manage HR, staffing, Management and the board.

Peter Olofsson speaking about how to establish and secure Business Development.

Hans “Hasse” Lindholm speaking about How do I secure a good execution.  Focus on the goal and where are the problems to avoid?

Otto Wiksell

Otto Wiksell

Patrik Sandberg

Patrik Sandberg

HR, Staffing & Management
Peter Olofsson

Peter Olofsson

Business development
Hans “Hasse” Lindholm

Hans “Hasse” Lindholm



Moderator: Otto Wiksell, Senior Managing Partner at Prosper Ventures.

HR, Staffing and Management: Patrik Sandberg, Mental Trainer, HR and Management Consultant at Företagscoach. Patrik have been working with more than 1 000 entrepreneurs, leaders and manager.

Execution: Hans “Hasse” Lindholm, Senior consultant and teacher in sales and marketing at IHM Business School of Stockholm. Hans have been working with more than 100 companies in Sweden and Norway.

Business development: Peter Olofsson, President and Senior Partner at Prosper Ventures.

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