Risk Management

Risk is a word that tends to immediately invoke a connotation of “bad”, but the reality is that business equals risk, and success or failure could merely be a matter of which company on the market proves to be best positioned to manage and mitigate such risks for long term profitability. “We need to minimize our risk exposure” is a common phrase in strategic plans developed by strategists with less than a satisfactory understanding of risk. Minimizing risk means discontinuing the business whereas optimizing the risk vs the company’s own resources and capabilities is what it is all about.

Proper Venture’s Risk Management services integrate the management of digital and modern risks and add value to your business and innovation.

Most companies, other than large international organizations, do not have the financial means to uphold a continuous risk management capability of any sufficient capacity. Our highly tailored offering comprises both advanced security advisory services and operational information security in one holistic approach, to ensure full risk transparency and action plans for your board and management team while reducing or eliminating the need for costly in-house risk and security specialists.

This service is business-enabling! It integrates and adds professional risk- and security capabilities to your everyday operations and immediately creates value from risk. Over time, you are provided with significantly increased security thinking and a business-minded security perspective, not only to protect you, your staff and your equipment but also to protect and, even more importantly, develop your corporate brand.

Services are provided as a subscription, ad-hoc advisory, risk audits and training seminars or workshops. We work with boards, management teams, HR management, security management and finance.  Specific risk areas covered could be personnel security, protective security, travel security, cyber security, due diligence, forensic investigations and much more. Discretion and ethics are key values for us, and it is imperative to minimize any impact the risk management implementation might have on everyday business.

Contact Prosper Ventures for a deeper insight into how we can help you turn your business risk into a profit-making competitive advantage.

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