Ulf Andersson

Senior Business Advisor, Partner

Bangkok – Sundsvall

Ulf Andersson has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His track record is long and solid with experiences in different business areas.

He has over the years been working in Europe, USA and Asia. Andersson has also served on several boards and has received several national and international Marketing-, PR- and Leadership awards.

Some of his assignments over the years have included:

He has been one of the largest owners of McDonald’s restaurants in northern Europe. He has been working with several sustainability businesses as chairman, investor and business developer in both public and private companies. He has worked in the luxury business and served as the SVP of the New York jewelry-based company Assael. He has been head of APS for the Nordic countries and Iceland and the 7 sports they handling for Nike.  He has been involved in several startups over the years as an investor and in different operational roles.

Ulf is the founder of a charity foundation and charity projects in Asia and the founder of a societal-changing urban project. During his time at McDonalds, he developed, together with his management team, a highly successful and appreciated national platform for mentally disabled persons at McDonalds.

Within Prosper Ventures Ulf is working with our service areas Capital & Legal, Management & Strategy.